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Why students?

The local experience


Baltic Wharf is an ideal location for purpose built student accommodation (PBSA). Our proposals will give students what they look for in a place to live and pursue their studies – quality space, with an extensive range of on-site facilities, in a convenient location close to public transport and in easy reach of their university.


This is why Westminster-based King’s College London wants to take the majority of the proposed bedrooms for its own students.  It is also why many students already choose to live around Paddington – the 2021 census shows that the local population is already younger than the London average.


These students contribute positively to the local community, both socially and economically. 


For example, the most recent Student Income and Expenditure Survey, published by the  Department for Education identifies that, excluding the costs of accommodation and tuition, students in London spend an average of £8,000 a year.  We estimate that c70% of this expenditure will be focused on the wider Paddington area – that equates to almost £3.4 million being spent locally every year.

We know that neighbours have some concerns about students moving into the Paddington area.  We understand these concerns and are committed to doing all we can to minimise any impacts.  We will work closely with the local community and all our students will sign-up to a [ode of Conduct.  Both Unite Students and King’s College London ensure that students adhere to this Code.


Similar concerns are often raised about new PBSA proposals. So we have revisited some past PBSA proposals to fully understand the actual experience of near neighbours.

Waterloo Road (Wellington Lodge)

In 2010, we promoted proposals to demolish an office building on Waterloo Road in Southwark and replace this with PBSA.  A number of local residents objected to these proposals, primarily on perception that students would cause local anti-social behaviour, particularly through street drinking and late night noise.


Despite these objections, our proposals were approved by Southwark’s Planning Committee and the building opened in 2011. 


We have recently asked the local TRA for comment on their experience of students living on this site.


“We don’t have complaints about student behaviour or noise and most of our residents aren’t even aware that they live so close by”

Tottenham Hale (Emily Bowes Court and North Lodge)

In 2009, Unite Students opened a 694 bed student residence, Emily Bowes Court, in the Hale Village Regeneration area.  Subsequently, in 2010, we promoted a further scheme, delivering an additional 566 student bedrooms.


Some local residents expressed concerns about further student accommodation in the area – although others noted the contribution that students make to the local area and the good behaviour of the existing Unite Students’ residents.


The proposals were approved by the London Borough of Haringey and Unite Students second PBSA building in Tottenham Hale opened in 2012.


We have asked the local residents group for a comment on their experience of living in close proximity to students.  They have told us:


“We are not aware of any problems created by the students from Emily Bowes Court and North Lodge buildings. The student population adds vibrancy to the local area bringing custom to shops, cafes and restaurants as well as joggers to our towpath alongside the River Lee. We believe Tottenham Hale is a great place to live and so have been pleased when hearing of students deciding to stay in the area when their studies have been completed."

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